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Global Underwater Awareness Association GUWAA has officially moved it headquarters to Norway!

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To find out more about what is happening on the norwegian front, please read the latest GUWAA Marine Eco report!


Croatian Aqua Day

Croatian Aqua Day is a project in which we aim to clean all Croatian rivers, lakes and the Croatian side of Adriatic coast from solid waste.
On May 11th 2013 GUWAA organized first Croatian Aqua Day (Dan hrvatskih voda).

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In this project participated 18 Croatian cities: Opatija, Rijeka, Rovinj, Mali Lošinj, Pula, Poreč, Zadar, Omiš, Podstrana, Korčula, Hvar, Kaštela, Ploče, Umag, and Dubrovnik on the coast, and Petrinja, Osijek, and Vukovar on the land (river cleanup).

You can see how it looked like on our YouTube channel:

Finished cleanups in cities

GUWAA has already had numerous cleanup actions in Croatia. Our aim is to do these actions even more frequently, and to involve even more people and institutions in systematic cleaning and protection of water resources.
Here is the list of locations in which the cleanups were held:
Solaris, hotel complex

VIP cleanup in Krapanj

On June 29th 2013 GUWAA started to promote its activity in Croatia.
Participants were Croatian celebrities, TV stars, singers and athletes.
Celebrities were divided in two groups and competed which group will take out a larger amount of waste from the sea.
They were transported by boat from the Solaris Resort to Krapanj Island, the birthplace of GUWAA Founder. They dressed in the diving suites, put the scuba equipment and started the cleanup.
By the end of the cleanup that lasted for an hour, they took out remarkable amount of waste.


 Photo gallery

Vip ekoakcija photo gallery


Cleanup in Posedarje (with US Embassy Zagreb)

World champion free diver and founder of the Global Under Water Awareness Association (GUWAA) Kristijan Curavić led a group of divers, marine biologists and U.S. Embassy Zagreb staff members in a coastal clean-up project to mark International Coastal Cleanup Day and highlight the State Department Marine Debris Challenge (SDMDC more: Professional divers led by GUWAA and Embassy staff dove in the Posedarje bay and removed trash dumped into the sea. Following the trash removal, GUWAA marine biologists gave a quick lesson to thirty 8th grade students from Braće Ribar elementary school to draw attention to the problem of waste dumped into oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. After they learned about the danger that dumping trash into the sea entails, the students selected debris from the clean-up to create art for the SDMDC. Mr. Ivica Zurak, Posedarje town mayor, also participated in the clean up event.


Coastal cleanup in city of Kaštel Sućurac

On April 12th 2014, GUWAA organized underwater cleanup in city of Kaštel Sućurac in partnership with Henkel.

Divers removed 1.500 kg of solid waste.


Coastal cleanup in city of Ploče

GUWAA, the Global Underwater Awareness Association, organized the event, bringing professional divers to the location. We organized this event with US Embassy Zagreb. We removed about 1,5 tons of garbage - and even found 2 hand grenades that Croatian police divers promptly removed . The educational part of the program, which was GUWAA led, included 70 pre-schoolers and 65 junior high schoolers - who were all taught about the importance of keeping the seas and waters of our planet clean.

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Guinness World Record LogoWe want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Global Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day! Because of the bad weather conditions, many diving centers worldwide had to postpone the cleanup and we didn't succeed to set a Guinness World Record.
Next year we are going to organize the 3rd World Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day and we will attempt to set the record again!
Join us!