GUWAA 2014

Exciting news: 

Global Underwater Awareness Association GUWAA has officially moved it headquarters to Norway!

More detail to come...

To find out more about what is happening on the norwegian front, please read the latest GUWAA Marine Eco report!

GUWAA 2nd World Cleanup 2013

GUWAA 2nd World Underwater Protection and Cleanup Day is focused on reducing the amount and impact of land-based litter and solid waste in the lakes, rivers, and seas as well as its ecological, economic, health, social and security impacts which irresponsible waste management can cause globally.

It will take place September 28th 2013. The Guinness World Record™ for the MOST PARTICIPANTS IN AN UNDERWATER CLEAN UP (MULTIPLE VENUES) will be attempted.

60 signed up to participate. The participants will clean seas, lakes, and rivers world wide. They will clean all types of waste (plastic, car tires, batteries, glass, cans, rusty iron, textile etc.) from the sea, lake, and river beds. The divers will use scuba tanks and scuba equipment. We will have free-divers participating in the cleanup.

The goal is to pick up as much waste as possible from the sea, lake, and river beds, to unite all continents in non-political action; to popularize ecology and water protection activities, to educate and make people aware of the existing problem.

This event is organized in partnership with Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Bernie Ecclestone, and Life Club Monaco.



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Interested in any of the volunteer opportunities above? Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guinness World Record LogoWe want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Global Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day! Because of the bad weather conditions, many diving centers worldwide had to postpone the cleanup and we didn't succeed to set a Guinness World Record.
Next year we are going to organize the 3rd World Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day and we will attempt to set the record again!
Join us!