GUWAA 2014

Exciting news: 

Global Underwater Awareness Association GUWAA has officially moved it headquarters to Norway!

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To find out more about what is happening on the norwegian front, please read the latest GUWAA Marine Eco report!


Some research suggests that Americans make up an estimated 5% of the world's population. However, the U.S. produces an estimated 30% of the world's waste and uses 25% of the world's resources. Approximately 46% of the lakes in America are too polluted for fishing, aquatic life, or swimming.
Waste can be found practically from the surface to the depths of 4000 meters and more. The most common trash is plastic, especially plastic bags. Plastic represents a great danger to marine life, because animals can mistake it for food, get entangled in it, it can serve as a mobile floating platform for spreading of invasive species. Plastic also doesn't biodegrade in deep, cold waters.
Other types of waste are most commonly metal (usually cans), discarded fishing equipment, glass bottles, cardboard, wood, cloth and tires. In deep environments marine creatures colonize these objects, and thus change the habitat and disrupt the delicate natural balance, which can lead to loss of biodiversity.

We aim to solve these problems by organizing systematic cleaning of all water resources throughout the USA, salt and fresh water. Besides cleaning, one of the main goals is education of the general public to prevent pollution in the future. We intend to make these cleanups a common practice, and get people to embrace the ecologically responsible way of thinking.

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Guinness World Record LogoWe want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Global Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day! Because of the bad weather conditions, many diving centers worldwide had to postpone the cleanup and we didn't succeed to set a Guinness World Record.
Next year we are going to organize the 3rd World Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day and we will attempt to set the record again!
Join us!