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Global Underwater Awareness Association GUWAA has officially moved it headquarters to Norway!

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To find out more about what is happening on the norwegian front, please read the latest GUWAA Marine Eco report!

World Children's Eco Education Day


GUWAA's work on the global systematic cleaning of seas, lakes, and rivers worldwide is one of the objectives to create a better world. Now, GUWAA is launching its second most valuable and important project, World Children's Eco Education Day, in ecology and water preservation worldwide.

GUWAA network is constantly growing. At this point GUWAA is presented in more than 60 countries around the world. This allows GUWAA to launch and promote Children's Eco Education Day quite easily and effectively with the help of diving ambassadors around the world: divers and diving centers.

This objective is very important, because to fight the pollution on a global scale and to create results in this field of water protection and preservation we need to educate children, the young generation, to completely win in this battle. This will take some time but we believe the results will be remarkable and very effective.

This kind of education on a global scale of young generation has never been tried before and this is a pioneer project which has to be closely monitored by professionals and closely designed to fit in all different aspects like: religion, different countries, continents etc., as the project will be launched in more than 60 countries around the world.

This program will help children in the world to come closer together and to make them more aware of each other's existence and same needs. The main goal of this project is to teach them from an early age how dependent we are on one thing in common, water.

With social networks and recent technology which are provided to the world, we believe that children will create a strong bond and create a new trend in ecology. This movement that children will create will have a big effect on global organizations and adults in general.


This program will be launched in April 2014 in cooperation between the private and government sector. Our partners (GUWAA official diving centers) will be the organizers and responsible ones for the program launch and education of the children, while the governments and school officials will be responsible to make the technical arrangements in schools.

The Program

Program which is being at the moment closely design by the GUWAA officials and partners is based on the most fundamental things in education. Two segments are being created here, education and children's direct action.


Educational program will be based on what kind of impact water pollution has on people and technical aspects, e.g. how long does it take for different materials to dissolve in water.


This part of the program is based on the simple rules on how the children can make the everyday difference in the water preservation and preventing the pollution.

First part of the program will be based on water preservation and consumption that is reflecting every day use of water in households. The second part will be based on what can they do to affect the others in this matter. In our team we have a psychologist who is an expert on the children behavior and the impact they have on parents and adults.

The integration of children in GUWAA program

GUWAA will create a competition for children in schools in order to get their deeper involvement in ecology. This competition will motivate young generations to start their own ecological projects such as cleaning of their own streets, forests, beach seaside, etc.

GUWAA will promote their projects on its website and create a jury that will pick the best projects and reward them with prizes. All the projects that are participating will be in a way rewarded to keep the interest of the children and to keep their motivation in the future. This is the first time the schools from 60 countries will participate in a global project which has many benefits and an important global message. Children of the world will be united and this by itself sends an important message to everyone.


Objective here is to integrate children in ecology and water preservation without becoming too serious or boring with the method we are choosing. We need to implement this program through play and fun. The approach in this objective is based on their needs and capacity of understanding.


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Guinness World Record LogoWe want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Global Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day! Because of the bad weather conditions, many diving centers worldwide had to postpone the cleanup and we didn't succeed to set a Guinness World Record.
Next year we are going to organize the 3rd World Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day and we will attempt to set the record again!
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