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Exciting news: 

Global Underwater Awareness Association GUWAA has officially moved it headquarters to Norway!

More detail to come...

To find out more about what is happening on the norwegian front, please read the latest GUWAA Marine Eco report!

White Flag Macedonia

After White Flag was awarded to the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor on the lake Bled, fifth day in the month of October was very significant for the Republic of Macedonia which became fourth country out of thirty that had been awarded with the White Flag on the beautiful Ohrid lake.

unnamed.jpg5 resizeUnique meaning of the project is to clean sea, river and lake bed and to raise the level of the ecological consciousness.

Founder and the President of GUWAA Kristijan Curavic has consined the White Flag to the President of Macedonia Đorge Ivanov who has expressed his contentment and enthusiasm regarding Macedonia receiving its first White Flag, project that cooperate with Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco.

Event preceded cleaning action of Ohrid lake bed organised by Macedonian diving center Vrelo which participated with thirty top qualified divers and that actively cooperate with GUWAA.

Quality of the job well done was confirmed by the final dive of GUWAA inspector Š. Šumer who had confirmed three awards of the White Flag so far, afterwards he confirmed the fourth one on the beach of the hotel Inex Gorica.

The manifestation was attended by numerous influential persons in Macedonia such as Mayor Nikola Bakračevski, Deputy mayor of Ohrid Angel Janev, Captain of Ohrid harbour captaincy Goran Kustijanovski, Minister advisor of the Croatian Embassy in Macedonia Anđelko Vitković, Concessionaire of the Ohrid lake Rista Tanasovski, former ambassador of Macedonia in Israel, India, Belgium and Maldives, Petar Jovanovski, and GUWAA ambassador in Macedonia, the music legend in these parts, Vlatko Stefanovski.

White Flag with its unique and original concept, starts to unify world countries by acting directly on all sea, river and lake beds, making them cleaner and richer with animal and plant life.

Fifth country that will be awarded with the White Flag is Norway.

The event of White Flag award will be presented on the beach of the world famous Kon- Tiki museum in Oslo on the Hundredth Anniversary of the birth of famous explorer Thora Heyerdahl, which is a fine way to make one more place unique, just like the White Flag project is.


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Guinness World Record LogoWe want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Global Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day! Because of the bad weather conditions, many diving centers worldwide had to postpone the cleanup and we didn't succeed to set a Guinness World Record.
Next year we are going to organize the 3rd World Underwater Cleanup and Protection Day and we will attempt to set the record again!
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